Small Steps….


I checked for evidence of rising every five minutes.

Here it is – my second attempt! Now normally my approach would be to throw a bunch of recipes at the wall and see what sticks. But I’m trying to turn over a new leaf here so instead I made the same multigrain recipe again, hoping that I just needed more practice. This recipe comes from Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, which is my all-time favorite cookbook. After this loaf though I began to doubt her expertise on bread. Again the dough barely rose! Everything I’d read in her book suggested that getting bread to rise wasn’t all that hard because commercial yeasts are so reliable nowadays. I had wondered if my apartment was just too cold, it being the dead of winter (February 15th to be exact), so I put this loaf in the oven with the light on, hoping to give it a bit of a kick. When that produced no results, I actually turned the oven on low for a few minutes and even that gave me only a pathetic little lift. Grrrr. That day the bear ate me.

Once again, Joe valiantly ate most of the loaf, claiming that it tasted “really good.” No comment on the texture….”crumb” we say in the baking world.

One response to “Small Steps….

  1. awwww joe… what a sweetie.

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