Putting Food By

I do still have a baking excursion to relay, but the real reason for my recent lack of posts is one, our August heat wave, and two, my newest kitchen hobby, canning. Joe and I spent last weekend in the Catskills and stopped at a farm stand on the way home, where I couldn’t resist buying a 25-lb box of canning tomatoes for $10.00! Now I have 13 rosy pints of tomatoes put aside. But please don’t ask me for one – I’d really prefer not to risk poisoning my friends with botulism. Besides, it took me 6 months to bake bread for a crowd. Canning isn’t the simplest process either. If you really insist though you can have a jar of dilly beans.

2 responses to “Putting Food By

  1. boots. saying you’ve made something, anything, edible, and then that i can’t have any qualifies as cruel and unusual.

    november can’t come soon enough.

  2. True words, some true words dude. You made my day!!

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